Welcome to the premiere television hosting academy! If you're looking to break into the industry, look no further. We're the platform you need to take your career to the next level.
Based in Los Angeles and founded by Hollywood Talent Manager and Casting Director Marki Costello, Become A Host offers a range of exciting opportunities for aspiring and established hosts, including the world famous Hosting Bootcamp, a prestigious ongoing hosting school, and specialized workshops related to hosting.
If you plan on working as host in Los Angeles, you better get in front of Marki Costello.
Marki Costello, president of Creative Management Entertainment Group (CMEG) and Become A Host, is an industry veteran with over two decades on Hollywood’s front line. Being the only management firm in Hollywood to specialize in host management, CMEG has expanded to encompass a theatrical department, a casting division, and a production arm.  Over the decades, Marki has risen through the ranks of successful companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., FOX, and TBS and now runs one of the most dynamic entertainment companies in show business.
CMEG specializes in the management of over 30 on-air hosts and television personalities.  Marki has also appeared as a branding consultant on VH1’s “Confessions of a Teen Idol,” co-hosted with Danny Bonaducie’s “I Know My Child’s a Star,” E! Entertainment’s “Fight for Fame” and ABC’s “Next Big Thing” as an expert in this field. 
In addition to casting and management, Marki also puts her talents to work as a world renowned Media Coach at her Become A Host academy.  Household names such as Whitney Cummings, Tim Tebow, Cee Lo Green and Jeannie Mai have come to Marki for expert private coaching.  Become A Host offers various hosting, acting, branding and production courses, taught by Marki, including one of the most prestigious and extensive on-camera host seminars in the country.  Based on referrals from networks, top Hollywood agents, casting directors and production companies, her monthly “Host Boot Camps” have been consistently booked full for over 14 years based on word of mouth. Marki has been involved with various workshops around the country, including one for the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.
Marki authored the very first book on television hosting called “The Inside Secrets Used by Every Successful TV Host” which sold 10,000 copies in the first quarter after its release in 2012. Marki had a hit television show based on her balancing her work and family life last fall on E! Entertainment Network, called The Drama Queen. 
She has been named to “Who’s Who of American Women” by W and Los Angeles Times Magazines and is well known and respected by a diverse cross-section of entertainment and industry executives from coast to coast.
Simultaneous to running a successful firm, she is raising two children, Lucas and Finn. They currently reside in Pacific Palisades.
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Take a look at some of Marki’s Alumni, past and present:


Michael Yo is an Actor, TV Host, Hollywood Expert and Standup Comedian, currently on CBS’s The Insider and Yahoo!’s Yo Show. Michael began his career as a Radio DJ in Miami, before linking up with Marki who coached and guided his career to radio work with E! and on-camera work for E! and CBS.
   Carissa Loethen is a current E! News Correspondent, E! News Now Host and E! Online Blogger.
   Marki continues to manage and guide her career as an on-camera Host and Personality
 Fashion Expert and Host, Jeannie Mai, studied with Marki before landing a job as Host of Style Network’s How Do I Look? and FOX’s The Real
Jason Kennedy was just a teen when he began working with Marki. As his Coach, Manager and Mentor, Marki has guided Jason on his professional journey in the on-camera world. He is currently the Host on E! News, and an Executive Producer on Oxygen’s Rich In Faith. Jason has also landed 3 movie roles, and has several guest appearances and news features under his belt, including: Today Show, People, LA Times, InStyle, HuffPo, Life & Style, Marie Claire and more
Natasha Curry is an on-air Correspondent, who has worked on HLN’s Weekend Express, Morning Express with Robin Meade and Showbiz Tonight. In this Showbiz Tonight interview with Marki, Natasha points out that Marki was her very first TV Hosting Coach in Hollywood. (CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO)

 You may recognize top Recording Artist, Ceelo Green, from NBC’s The Voice. But before becoming a judge on the hit competition show,

Ceelo received on-camera Host coaching from Marki for a music television show on Fuse Network.


Marki has consulted and coached talent for various networks & Digital Platforms






She has managed Emmy Award Winning & nominated Personalities




Todd Newton is a Daytime Emmy winning and 3-time Emmy nominated Game Show Host (“Family Game Night” on HUB Network). In his 2012 Emmy acceptance speech, Todd thanked Marki for the part she played in building his career. (CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO)

Nicole Dabeau is the host of Steve Rotfeld Productions’ syndicated travel show, “Awesome Adventures.”
The show received an Emmy nom two consecutive years for Outstanding Travel Series.
The E! News team with Jason Kennedy received an Emmy nom in 2015 for Outstanding Entertainment News Program.

She has built, managed & developed growing digital brands...

Popular Web Personalities & Film/TV Reviewers, The Schmoes (225k+ Subscribers on their Schmoes Know YouTube channel)


MTV & Yahoo!’s Lenay Dunn (875k+ Subscribers & 60.5+ million views on YouTube)



Brand Ambassador, Mercedeh Allen (300k+ Followers on Instagram)




Paul Zahn, Host of Tipsy Television  

(a short-form digital show that encompasses a tipsy tip, celebrity and a beverage component)




EXTRA TV Style Correspondent & Social Media Guru, Shae Wilbur.

(Check out her Become A Host Testimonial! CLICK HERE)






...to emerging teen experts & web personalities



Film Reviewer, Jackson Murphy, is the youngest member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.






MasterChef Junior’s Jimmy Warshawsky, AKA The Chef Jimmy, is a growing digital sensation.

He is currently signed with CMEG’s Youth Department where he is working with Marki’s management and production staff on developing his brand





You may recognize some of these faces, all of whom have studied with marki...




... Just to list a few!

A Friendly word from The Queen herself 


You’re here and you’re now. So let’s get you in the know in this new social interactive dawn of media and TV. I dare YOU to join me, Marki Costello, on this game-changing journey to becoming a successful, working on-camera personality.

We are at the dawn of a new media era where broadcast and digital are merging. Broadcast outlets are investing tons of resources into their dot com’s as well as their TV channels. Double the outreach equals double the available work, BUT also double the chances for the viewer to get the content they need. With that being said, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to engage your audience. The mistake that many of today’s on-camera hosts make is modeling the old way of hosting. But generically pretty, polished, perfect hosts are OUT, and personality-driven delivery is IN. Your job as an on-camera host/personality is to create a compelling need, through your personality and point of view, for viewers to get content from you.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So I’ve made it my personal and professional mission to continuously deliver new information. I provide the necessary tools and resources to help you navigate, thrive and survive in this ever-changing business, and I will help you discover, define and deliver your brand in a way that nobody else will. I know exactly what buyers, I know what the trends are, what’s in and what’s out. The biggest mistake you can make as talent would be to seek information from an out-of-work host turned host coach, who ultimately has no idea what buyers want and need. But I know this business like the back of my hand. I am in the trenches and I am in the know.

 So, I’ve already dared you to join me. Now for the truth – and that is, that everybody can succeed in this genre because you don’t have to have a lick of talent to be YOU