Beyond The Lens - Marki's FriYAY blog post

Posted on: Fri, 2017-06-16 19:39   By: cmeg

Are you a poet? Are you an art curator or a health care provider (i.e. doctor/NP)? Maybe a lawyer? Are you a blogger on motherhood? Hmm…or maybe you’re a botanist who loves to give tips to all your friends and neighbors on planting a beautiful drought-free garden.

Whatever your passion is……..NOW is the time to have your own network where you will learn how to curate creative content for all platforms based on your unique passion and/or brand. You will learn how to create your intimate connection to your viewer based on your passion and brand; when you build it, buyers will snatch you up for all the different platforms. Broadcast, digital platforms, digital networks, Snapchat, the list goes on.  You don’t give away all your content on YouTube for free, BUT INSTEAD GET PAID the way a network gets paid through advertisers. The more viewers or followers, the more money there is to make in social media collaborations (as well as other networks reaching out to you to partner up). You could even start a subscription-based network where your audience/viewers/followers pay a fee to get tips and tricks  (e.g. you’re a heart surgeon who sees eight patients a day when you’re not in surgery and you want to reach millions. Let them know what they can do to bypass a bypass lol………See? I literally, as I was typing, created a brand for some heart doctor out there in blogland reading this. P.s. If this is you, Doc, you can call this network…!

Fill it with daily tips on social platforms, do a monthly written blog and do a weekly video on new treatments. For example, if your viewer/follower lives in Australia where there is socialized medicine but he/she is on a four year waiting list to see the heart specialist in Australia, he/she can access their favorite medical blog, Vital Signs (no pun intended). Use that as the name of your monthly blog on the network Put a link to your blog out there saying: Read my monthly blog called Vital Signs: Bypassing Heart Disease!

If I have lost you and you are not understanding any of this, then you are working from the OLD MODEL/STYLE of what buyers used to want to buy with hosts. Buyers/networks don’t want perfect, polished, disingenuous “hosty-hosts” anymore! They want REAL, RAW, RELATABLE HUMANS who have a desire to reach millions because they have a point of view in an expertise or passion that is so undeniable that they must connect with millions beyond that lens!

BECAUSE, as we have merged into this new, social, digital, interactive dawn of media, there are so many platforms, so much at our fingertips, and if you start working today from the NEW MODEL and learn all the elements that come with this new model such as…

1 The 3 E’s

2. The 3 R’s

3. Ears Don’t Blink

4. The Audience is More IMPORTANT THAN YOU…

…then you are on your way to SUCCEEDING! However, let me be clear, if those are the only four elements you know, you’re in trouble lol.

The above are only four out of the fifteen NEW elements you need to thrive and more IMPORTANTLY, SURVIVE AND SUCCEED in this new landscape.

Because as I said before, you can be or you already are:

A mom with a unique parenting skillset. Are you passionate about your degree?   No matter what it is, you can have your own network, magazine, website, apparel line, etc.   Pranksters, there’s a Snapchat show for you. Poets blog weekly. Therapists are tweeting something inspirational everyday. Doctors, lawyers, money experts, millennials, immigration law experts, etc. Take this example: a doctor who performs heart transplants has a good amount of knowledge to help millions but sees patients three days a week and performs surgery two days a week. This equals his KNOWLEDGE. That day in, day out practice reaches only 50 people a week versus creating a network that reaches 500k people a month. Maybe you charge $4 a month to be part of the network. $4 x 100k per month is already almost a half a million a MONTH!

We are in a new landscape in entertainment and most talent is working from the old model. Learn how to thrive, survive, and succeed in this new landscape where amazing, powerful people who have amazing messages to share with the world. Through my training, learn the new elements changing daily. If you are not being taught by someone who is in the trenches every day dealing with the buyers, the networks, production companies, casting directors, and the ad agencies which monetarily can help build your network via social media, you are working from the old style/model!

Fun fact: Did you know Kim K makes up to $700k per social media post?