1-Day Alumni Bootcamp




This 1 day Advanced Alumni Hosting Bootcamp is for any BAH students who have taken Marki Costello’s 2 day Bootcamp prior to 2017. 


Because we are in a whole new landscape...


And with that being said, if you are NOT working today as an on-camera personality, you are doing something wrong! There are now more opportunities than ever before for you to succeed in network, digital and social media! 

There is an OLD MODEL/STYLE and A NEW MODEL/STYLE of on-camera personalities that buyers want to buy NOW. 

After 20 years and hundreds of successful alumni that Marki has coached, managed, and guided to success, Marki is now handpicking who she wants to teach across the board from Bootcamps, to on-going classes, and now the 1 day advanced alumni Bootcamp. 


Click here to see which of your peers having been booking and working as on-camera personalities just in the last few months! 


Learning the new elements is no longer an option, it’s a necessity if you want to thrive in this business! 

Click here to contact us to sign up or get more information or call 310.207.7333. 


And if you are still not sure take this quick test: 


• Do you have a montage on your reel? 

• Are you saying “stay tuned” and other outdated terms like, “coming up after the break…”? 

• Do you just talk about the headline and avoid diving deeper?

• Is your Brand generic (i.e: music, fashion, lifestyle, celebrity, TV)? 


If you answered YES to one or more of the above, OR ALL OF THE ABOVE, 

you are working from the OLD “HOSTY HOST” MODEL/STYLE that 

buyers DO NOT WANT to buy within talent! 


Remember, Marki has to hand select you and spots are limited because she is all about QUALITY over quantity!








11AM - 5PM