Free Hosting Seminar



If you're new to Become A Host, let us give you a warm welcome with this free hosting workshop.

In this two-hour workshop, Marki will cover:

  • Breaking into the industry
  • Techniques for auditioning as a host
  • Examples of host reels that work
  • Examples of host copy and how to break it down

Find out what it takes to be successful from the Queen of Hosting.



This Free 2-hour host lecture with Marki on "The Inside Secrets Used By Every SuccessfulTelevision Host". Marki is so decicated and passionate about talent getting the right information in this business especially now with all of the changes in this new social interactive dawn of Media/TV. The lecture is held at our Los Angeles, California studio.

Next Free Seminar: Wednesday, June 28th from 12pm-2pm




NOTE: This workshop is NOT open to people who have already attended the Hosting Bootcamp or Ongoing Hosting Class.