Marki Costello is an industry veteran with over 2 decades on Hollywood’s Frontline! Her BecomeAHost Bootcamp has been world renowned for over 15 years – and now it’s time to share her knowledge and information with her friends across the pond! Digital and Broadcast are merging into a ‘New Social, Interactive, digital Dawn of Media/Television’ What this means is that every broadcast outlet, from NBC to E!, are building and developing the ‘.com’/digital component in order to broaden their reach to their audience and expand their influence. With all these changes going on in the industry and with new fundamental elements you HAVE to LEARN in this new landscape – who better than the Queen of Hosting Marki Costello herself?!


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So what are you going to learn in the Workshop?

·         Learn to recognize and master balancing the elements of Hosting.

·         Off Teleprompter Hosting/Live Interviews.

·         On Teleprompter Reads with clean/clear/crisp transitions.

·         Improvisation/Stand ups/Quick ‘on-your-feet’ thinking.

·         Identifying and connecting to your audience (in-studio/at home/live audience).

·         Learn how to spin your knowledge into an entertaining pitch for an audience.

·         Break out of your shell/ Show the audience who you really are.

·         Learn to be your true/authentic self.

·         Co-Hosting/Balancing with your co-host/The Art of Listening and Piggy-Backing

·         Panel Hosting – Working with 4 or more hosts on a single topic – ‘owning your 25%’

·         Fundamental elements of hosting that YOU MUST KNOW with Digital and Broadcast merging and finding that brand!


This Workshop DOES NOT come around often! This Annual Bootcamp will only come around once a year – If you want to be an On Camera Personality and SUCCEED in this new landscape then you CANNOT afford to miss this opportunity!







Students required to make a deposit of at least half of total course fee* to reserve a seat. Full Payment is due prior to the first day of each course.

*All deposits and final payments are non-refundable but transferable. All payments may be transferred to pay for future workshops or other services only if arranged 72 hours in advance of original course (e.g., Typically before close of business Tuesday the week of your course). All remaining balances beyond initial deposit are payable by credit card, cash or money order the day before your course, and payable by cash or money order ONLY the first day of your course. What if you call to transfer after close of business on Tuesday the week of your course? You have two options: You can either cancel your reservation completely and forfeit your deposit, or you may save your deposit by paying your full balance owed and rescheduling for a future bootcamp. Sorry, no exceptions.

Please note that training as an on-camera personality is the only service that Become A Host provides.  Become A Host does not guarantee nor does it aim to procure its students future employment in the entertainment industry.