New York - Ongoing Class




Now that you’ve learned all the new ELEMENTS and where the landscape is going in the Bootcamp, it’s the time to practice and refine those skills with the Number One Media Coach in the world so you can slay that audition and get that job!


Rome wasn’t built in a day. As talent, neither are you. In this class, you will be part of the one percentile that’s practicing balancing all the new and necessary elements in this Social, Interactive, Digital Dawn of Media. This includes co-hosting, panel hosting, telepromtper, and working on copy that is currently being cast keeping you up to date with what the buyers want! You’ll also gain valuable industry insight, as well as the ‘tricks of the trade’ from Marki herself.


You need to be building, creating, and developing your online presence and brand. This doesn’t mean using your name and housing all your basic hosting materials on – NO, NO, NO. Nowadays, the buyers want BRANDS/PERSONALITIES! They want your website/platform/.com to be a NETWORK that houses all your content that you’ve been creating that’s brand relevant!


So come practice and hone your brand/personality/skills at the new BAH studios in New York City! Work with fellow personalities who are building their brands/networks/empires alongside you; however, do remember that the BecomeAHost Ongoing Academy is INVITE ONLY - this means Marki Costello has to personally invite you to attend her academy and continue your training with her. It’s all about perfecting the Elements you learned in the Bootcamp, working on copy that’s currently being cast so you can stay up-to-date with what the buyers want, and ultimately building a network so that the buyers will be able to find and hire you!









RATE: $350 per month