You're on a roll. Why stop now?

Once you've taken the Hosting Bootcamp, you may then become eligible for ongoing hosting classes.

You'll practice and refine your skills. Read and write copy, co-host, work on teleprompter and so much more. You'll also gain valuable industry insight, as well as the "tricks" of the trade from your expert instructors.

Our expert instructors range from successful, working TV hosts to industry leaders, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our classroom.


Marki's Hosting Classes are $350 per month.

Payment is due the last FRIDAY before the 1st of each month.
On going class options: (you are required to attend 4 classes per month)
Tuesday (Marki's class, invite only) - 4pm to 6:30pm
One Makeup Per Month-Last Thursday of the Month from 12-2pm
CLICK HERE to contact us to be considered for Ongoing Class or call (310) 207-7333 to get more information