The Perfect Pitch (for every screen)


How to turn your brand into a TV show or Web Series

A Two-Part Workshop led by CMEG Client, Damona Hoffman.

You’ve got it! The look, the hook, and a bestselling book. But what you really want is your own TV show/web series. So how do you go from being a love expert to becoming The Millionaire Matchmaker? How does a small time psychic transform into a big time Hollywood Medium?
It all begins with the pitch.
If you know your brand, but have no idea what a show about you should look like or even how to pitch it to production companies, networks or digital platforms, this workshop is for you!
We will take you step by step through the various formats in the unscripted genre, help you identify the right type of networks and digital platforms to target, give you a checklist of the materials that you need to prepare and lead you through the process of pitching your idea. You will leave this workshop with a logline for a brand new concept starring YOU and a roadmap that can take you from the idea phase into the pitch room, through the development process, and onto the tv, computer, ipad and phone screens of millions.

If you’re ready to take your digital brand, Vlog show, blog, podcast or business to the next media level, join us for this two-part, two-day workshop. This is an advanced hands-on workshop and is only for professionals with an established brand/social media presence or individuals who have completed Marki’s bootcamp training.


Damona Hoffman is a television,digital and podcast host. She's also a TV producer,
certified dating expert and former network development exec.
She was seen as the host of the FYI Network series '#BlackLove' in 2016, and will
soon be back on television as a Host and Producer of the A+E Network series -
'A question of Love' coming soon.
Prior to becoming a TV host, Damona spent over 10 years behind the scenes
advancing from casting at CBS Television to an executive at Paramount and then
onto NBC and ultimately Vice President of Unscripted Programming
at Syfy. As an independent producer, Damona has successfully sold several TV
shows to Discovery Networks, NBCU Networks and the Weather Channel.
Damona has a degree in Communications from Northwestern University and
a Graduate Certificate in Producing from U.C.L.A.





COST for entire workshop: $400