Whether you need a full hosting reel, Green Screen studio time, or to film On-Location, we've got you covered! From writing to producing to editing, Become A Host Production Studios are a one-stop-shop for all of your content needs.  Email our office today to book your studio time!


One Day Shoot

*Includes 5 hours of studio time and editing fees*

(5) Sixty Second Videos (Instagram Friendly)

(5) Three Minute Videos (Dot Com Friendly)

Most client shoot their weekly webisodes for their digital network over this one 5 hour day and walk away with a month’s worth of content that they release weekly.

Just Shooting and Editing for your Branded Content $2500

If you’d like your session written, directed and produced by Marki Costello $3500

In-House Editing

Editing Costs

$100 per finished minute of edited content

A 50% deposit is due at booking. This deposit will be applied to the final cost of editing. Deposit and quote is based on booking info and editor’s feedback. For example: If you shoot a 5 minute piece and want it edited to a 3 min webisode, estimate cost would be $300, etc.

Studio Time

With Editing

                $50 per 30 Minutes (Current Student Rate)

$100 per 30 Minutes (Non-Student Rate)

No In-House Editing

                $250 per 1 Hour (1 Hour Minimum)


Animated Logo $300

Show Open (to be used at the top of every webisode) $500


VIO (Video Biography)

Become A Host spearheaded the rise of the video biography AKA the VIO,

which is the first and foremost tool you need to show the industry who you are and what you've got!

*All VIO bookings include all editing and studio costs.


Want to know more?

See for yourself with these VIOs for our clients!



The BecomeAHost Production studio also offers WEBISODES. A webisode is a quick 45 sec - 1min video that usually depicts a 'current event' or 'tips & tricks' that you can load onto your website for buyers and production companies to watch. These are very useful and they are becoming a huge part of talent's toolbox. These Webisodes are also easier to send via email as they are usually shorter than full reel. Another advatage of shooting short webisodes is that you can use them to show your personality based on a certain topic. For example, if a buyer wants to see you talking about what's going on the world of sports, however your reel is 2 mins long with only 15 seconds of sports material in it, then you can send the buyer this quick 45 second webisode of you talking about the latest in sports events/news/gossip etc.


See an example here!

Contact us for price/times/dates and Studio Availability - or call at 310.207.7333