Put your knowledge into practice with a suite of services covering you through pre and post-production. From filming to editing, we will manage the life cycle of your project.

Studio Services

Become a Host spearheaded the rise of video biography aka the VIO. Buyers and audiences don’t just want to see your reel- they want to see YOU! Give the people what they want. 

The VIO process begins with an on-camera interview all about you- your background, achievements and aspirations. After the shoot wraps, you’ll provide assets to the editing team and they’ll cut together a piece that shows the world who you are and what you’re all about!

A webisode is short form content that is usually topical in nature or helpful tip or trick of your trade. Webisodes are typically housed on your branded website but can also be formatted for social media.  Most clients shoot “current event” content week to week and book a day of shooting for “evergreen” (non-time sensitive) material.

One-Day Shoot

Shoot weekly webisodes over a one 5 hour day. Walk away with a month’s worth of content that they release weekly.

$ 2500
  • Includes 5 hours of studio time and editing fees
  • 5 60-Second Videos
  • 5 3-Minute Videos
  • If you’d like your session written, directed and produced by Marki Costello $3500

In-House Editing

With No Filming

$ 100 Per FME
  • $100 per finished minute of edited content A 50% deposit is due at booking. This deposit will be applied to the final cost of editing.
  • Deposit and quote is based on booking info and editor’s feedback. For example: If you shoot a 5 minute piece and want it edited to a 3 min webisode, estimate cost would be $300, etc.


With No In-House Editing

$ 250 Per Hour
  • With Editing $50 per 30 Minutes (Current Student Rate)
  • $100 per 30 Minutes (Non-Student Rate)
  • No In-House Editing $250 per 1 Hour (1 Hour Minimum)


Contingent upon need

  • Personalized Curriculum
  • Tailored Training
  • Project Specific Objective Targeting

Want to Book?

Booking services with our production studio is super easy.

First, Book With Us.

Select A Service and Proceed to Submit Yourself For A Time Slot.

Submit Your Materials and Forms

Share your copy and any other preparatory materials. Also, please be sure to sign acknowledgements and intake forms.

Lights, Camera, Action.

You shoot and we return your footage, you submit assets and notes. That's a wrap!

Frequently Asked Questions

Copy (to be sent to prompter 12 hours before beginning time of booking)

Production Intake Sheet.

Editing is $100 per hour with a one-hour minimum. To estimate your approximate editing costs, it is generally $100 per finished minute of content, but final costs is to be determined by internal editing time logs.

$100 deposit is required to reserve your session, and that deposit is later applied to your final editing cost.



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Contact UsWe Can't Wait To Hear From You! Please Fill Out The Form To Your Right, and Let Us Know What The Best Time To Reach You Would Be!
Contact UsWe Can't Wait To Hear From You! Please Fill Out The Form To Your Right, and Let Us Know What The Best Time To Reach You Would Be!