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Become A Host Studios is the ultimate solution for self-tape auditions, acting coaching and reels. The industry is changing. A vast majority of non-commercial auditions, Casting Directors aren’t wasting time with a first round of auditions. Instead, they are asking for actors to submit self-tapes.

Whether this is your first self-tape ever or your seventh this week, we will help you produce the best tape possible. Our readers and coaches are working actors and the whole service is run by Marki Costello, a manager, casting director and acting coach extraordinaire, with over three decades of experience in the industry.

All Self-Tape Bookings Include:

  • White Backdrop
  • Professional Audio & Lighting
  • Basic Edit w/ Titlecard & Contact Info
  • Professional Reader
  • Coaching

Our rates are:


$1/min* (10min minimum)

Read/Coach w/ Marki:

$5/min* (15min minimum)

*There is a non-refundable $5 booking fee

Tape a lot of auditions? We also offer package deals for those who stay taping auditions.

Email us or Call 1.888.878.2634