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Karlee Kloss - 


Hello Marki! 


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated all of your time and energy last week helping me prepare for the fashion awards!

In the end it went really really well, I felt so at ease on stage and gave Jack a real run for his money. (Thanks to you and all your wonderful research and ideas and brilliant jokes)

You are an incredible coach and you gave me such confidence going into the event, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season ahead and I look forward to connecting in the new year :-)


sending you all my love

XX kk


"I literally learned more in these past 3 days than I did in my 4 years of college." -Guinwa Zeineddine


"The workshop was extremely helpful and really allowed me to take a focused look at how to advance my career and finally figure out my brand." -Winston Marshall


"Thank you so much for this opportunity! It was so inspiring, motivating and educational." - Raquel "Rocky" Harris


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Jessie Irvine (Court Report) & Stephen Lovegrove (Your Life, Your Time)


 Tessani & Teffani-Nicole Taylor (Style Squad; Rise of Adulthood)


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I just completed my "month in a week" training and wanted to thank you all SO much again for an incredible experience.

Coming out to LA from New York (where I took Marki's bootcamp during the American Black Film Festival) was the best decision I could have made while chasing my TV hosting dreams. From Rob to Josh to Kelly and Jonathan and of course Thomas, everyone was great to work with and learn from.

I'll definitely stay in touch and I wish you all nothing but the best!



Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia



BAH Student - Kendra Z


Hi Marki,

I wanted to say thank you so much to you and your team for helping me launch my hosting career. The hosting seminar, bootcamp & ongoing class helped polish my skills and start me on the path that led me to my latest video! 'EDC 2015 Top 5'

I work in social media at Playboy and in January 2015, our video team expanded. I pitched a few ideas, had a meeting or two, and waited for our green screen to be installed. In April, I asked if I could make a Coachella Top 5 video. The editors put it up on Playboy's Youtube & received over 20k views!

In June, they let me shoot a 'EDC Top 5' video. On Friday they put it on the Home Page of in the large feature (attached), and it is currently the top feature on our video page 




BAH Student - Colette Christian

Hi Marki, 

Last week I was in Denver filming my latest class for Craftsy, Danish Pastry from Scratch. The filming of the class takes three full days.  All of my bosses noticed how comfortable I was in front of the camera and the teleprompter, how connected I was to my audience and how few takes it took to get the shoot completed. In fact we finished a day early - with only the intro to shoot on the last day. They were so happy.
I have you and hosting class to thank. All week, my instructor's voices rang in my ears, from Andrew's reminder that "being on television is a privilege to Marki's "give them yummy and delicious" to Leo's always sage advice and Nicole's outstanding energy. I can't forget Rossi either, so I controlled my hands, resting them lightly on the beautiful counter top that graces the Craftsy set.
Thanks BecomeAHost!!! 



BAH Student Marie-Claire Follett 

Hi Marki, 

I did my first red carpet job last night!  I got it (in a round about way) from the showcase.  It was so brilliant I loved every minute.  It was like going to a really greatparty and having all the most interesting guests line up to talk to you!  Thank God I've been training.  I used everything I've been taught.  They literally threw the celebrity list at me 3 mins before I was on and The PR guy was giving me notes about their latest movies as they came towards me. But I managed, all thanks to you!


Click the below link to view a testimonial from CMEG client Shae Wilbur, a produce of Marki's BecomeAHost Hosting Bootcamp and Host of Extra Hot Deals on extra TV:

"Beauty's boss lady," Heather Marianna gives props to Marki Costello in her Beauty-full Venture story in the June issue of Luxury Las Vegas Magazine.



Here's a video testimonial from a few students who took last month's Boot Camp with Marki Costello, including Christian M of TheBoxingCoachTV:

Here's a video testimonial we just received:

The job:

Host from Good Day Chicago morning show on FOX Chicago (WFLD), Market 3, Traffic reporter 4:30am-9:00am every 10 minutes

what a great experience I had shooting and working with the Becomeahost production team

I've been working and making my mark in the Chicago market since 2006. Each job has gotten me closer to where I want to be, and the reel We shot at BECOMEAHOST studios has definitely helped give me that extra edge. You guys were great at helping put me at ease so my personality and talent could shine through. Thank you! It was a great experience and I'd definitely recommend it to both new and seasoned hosts.


Hi Marki and Leo,

I wanted to let you know how much the session yesterday meant to me- you helped me SO much and I am grateful- very grateful.

Marki- your outstanding guidance was amazing and impacted my work and my life in such a great way- thank you for this special gift and wonderful surprise! I truly am so humbled by your selflessness and generosity of time and talent.

Leo- your lesson was right on the money, you tailored it to EXACTLY what I needed, you were so helpful and supportive, the tips and techniques are outstanding- you have helped me exponentially!

My work is touched so beautifully by your superb talent.


I thank you.

Deidre, Private Coacing Student and Host



Please thank Marki for me. I have been going through all the material and everything I learned ALL day everyday since I got back home. I have discovered some pretty awesome things that have been bothering me for the longest time. I finally feel like I'm making progress. Going to boot camp was the best decision I have made in the last 6 years!! Can't wait for the more classes. Wish the days would speed up!


-Radio/TV/YouTube Host


Thanks to Marki for all of her insight and advice. I took her TV hosting boot camp in New York in 2010. The class was very enlightening and the advice she gave really stuck with me, especially the tip to "get out of your own head," i.e., concentrate on the moment rather than what you're going to do or say next during an interview. She really is an industry expert and I can't wait to catch her show on E!

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to tell you that I just got a gig at The Daily Hiit as a fitness/nutrition blogger. It could turn into doing hosting work for them as we'll so I'm pretty excited. I truly believe I got it because I tweet daily, blog weekly and make webisodes monthly all about fitness/nutrition which is my brand. So thank you for giving me the tools I need to make my dreams come true:) See you in class.


I just wanted to thank you! thank you! thank you! I took your Boot Camp one weekend learned so much my head was spinning, but I was hooked! Came back and signed up for the weekly classes and that's when it ALL began. I started writing, you encouraged me so much, I developed my own web series, never imagined to have my own show AND I LOVE IT!! I made a sizzle reel promo taking advantage of the GREAT production equipment available on site at BECOME A HOST and with expert advise from you and your staff I have since launched my web series 2 days ago,June 3rd, and on June 5th received my first REVIEW ( see attached). None of this would have been possible if I didn't follow your teaching and coaching to the nail. You are a VERY WISE & PASSIONATE LEADER and I am BLESSED to have trained with YOU !!
-Creator / Host / Producer

Hi Leo - I just want to reach out and thank you for your very valuable coaching sessions. You've reminded me of my own confidence and knowledge. You've equip me with the tools to take my success to the next level.


In December 2012, I attended International Week at Marki Costello’s Become A Host.  As an Australian TV Host, I’d reached the point where my career (and life) needed a bit of a shake up and International Week certainly delivered! It was a jam-packed week of intense training from Marki along with guest experts in the areas of voice coaching, branding, social media and live hosting.  The end of week culminated in an industry panel presentation to agents, casting directors and producers.

The small group of 11 students ensured personalized attention and mentoring.  Being all-inclusive (accommodation, breakfast, lunch and training), International Week is ideal for those travelling from overseas or elsewhere in the US.  We stayed together in a Santa Monica condo for the week, which did get a little crazy at times, but looking back we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our little “family” bonded and we continue to connect, support and help one another long after the week finished.

If you’re simply after a superficial “Hollywood” experience or to live the life of a “star”, then International Week is NOT for you.  Marki means business and she tells it like it is. She’s the original, the real-deal and she gets results. At the end of International Week you’ll walk away with a developed “brand”, a new hosting reel, the tools necessary to survive in the hosting world, contacts in the industry and of course a bunch of new friends! I’d highly recommend International Week at Become A Host whether you’re an established host or just starting out, as training with Marki is a definite game changer!

 -Australian TV Host

Hey just wanted to tell you that I am so happy that I'm doing these classes I just got a call from good morning Tucson and they booked me for a beauty kitchen segment next month!!! I'm so excited! Woo hoo! If it was t for your training and advice and I wouldn't be getting these calls and I am not stopping till I am on the today show! 


The first time I saw Marki Costello was on TV coaching Hank Basket and I told myself, I HAVE to at one point of my life sit down with her and be coached by her. I've hosted live morning shows, nightly entertainment news shows, interviewed big celebrities and covered major red carpet events like the Latin Grammys. The main reason I decided to go to Marki Costello's international week was because I've always wanted to host for an anglo network like E! or MTV, so i thought this would be a great way to learn and practice my english hosting skills, at least that's what I thought I need it. First of all it doesn't matter where in your career you are, taking this course is a MUST wether you just got out of college or you've been doing this for a few years. I thought I knew it all and I was wrong. Marki and the group of professionals she gathers for different classes through out the week are amazing. From vocal coaching, to social media gurus, to red carpet experts. I have done a million red carpet events and I didn't know some of the questions I was asking weren't the right one. Marki tells you how it is. If you are hesitant on going to the boot camp or not, make up your mind and JUST DO IT! invest in yourself, there's nothing better that spend your money in something that's worth it like your own future. After you are done you will feel like you just entered to a completely different stage and you will be so pumped to go out there and kick ass.

-Spanish TV Host

Wow Marki since Boot Camp so many things in my life have been brought to life! I've taken your teaching of balancing the elements & while practicing & thinking about the Elements in hosting I decided to take it into my own life. I never realized how in life there are many elements you have to balance. I've been such a tornado aka speedy Gonzalez that it's interesting to slow down step out realize what & where those Elements are in my life & which are worth balancing & which aren't.. Anyway I know that's deep but I wanted to say Thank You Marki for opening my eyes to allll that you did & to think this is just the beginning ;D I can't wait to begin my journey in class Feb!

For years, I have had a passion to bring you this Information but had no idea how to create a brand until I met Marki Costello at her June 2012 bootcamp.  At that time, just a few short months ago, I had never read into a camera, never seen a TelePrompTer (In fact, Marki and I had a good laugh about the fact that I had never even heard the word TelePrompTer!). Marki’s advice and consulting put me on the right path very quickly, and her production team helped me create an amazing reel indicative of my brand!  Marki is truly the Queen of Hosting, and I believe that anyone who takes her bootcamp, learns from her,and follows her advice will be able to successfully build out their brand like I have. 

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! International week was everything you said it was and MORE! I am SOOO much more confident not only a host but as a person! That week really was life-changing as you said it would be!

And LAST...I have finally stuck to ONE thing! I am so glad that class was the perfect place to be imperfect to get it allllllll figured out!
-International Week Student

I just had the most amazing conversation with Taylor Johnson. The bootcamp was life changing for her and she is so excited to start working with you! Thank you so much!

Again, I have to share some good news! I had a presentation with the President of Cirque du Soleil this week. It was a hosting session with him onstage in front of the company. As we walked of stage, he complimented me on my presentations skills. I later found out from his assistant that I had done the best out of all the 18 company managers. So, for this I owe you credit! Your weekend boot camp gave me the skills and understanding of what it takes to host the president of a company!

Today's class was the best ongoing host class ever!  Thank you for letting me make up the class today - I'd never been to Thurs class before. It was wonderful to be taught by Marki and I got great, insightful notes that were priceless. I trust Marki and her input is something that (even just getting it in one class today) I know will help me to realize my potential!

I just wanted to share some good news.  I just found out that I booked a gig to co-host a show on TV LA36.  The show is called "Sunset Stripped" and its all-access guide to whats trendy and fun to do in LA.  The producer told me that I was selected because of my "isms" (or adlibs).  As Marki has taught, "isms" are a great way to illustrate your personality.  I'm glad that I was able to successfully apply Marki's teachings to this audition.  Looking forward to learning more and booking more. Thanks to Marki and BAH!

Class with LEO was GREAT! I will be there for tuesday meeting with you at three and I'm also doing class thursday with you and I'd like to do Tuesday night class as well. Here is another project I just booked, super excited. "Can you please ask Heather if she is available to HOST our EXTREME VEGAS DATING as part of our LAS VEGAS BIKINI PARTY on Saturday, August 25th from 2pm to 5pm at RUMOR BOUTIQUE HOTEL. We plan on VIDEO STREAMING this LIVE on THE COOL TV NETWORK which reaches 50 cities and 50 Million Households." UMMMM YES! LOL CANT WAIT was my response!
Just wanted to say thanks for all you do for us students I am working all the things you teach and it all works.

Hey Marki - I wanted to let you know that I booked an ongoing hosting job that shoots back east. I actually filmed the original audition tape at BAH about a month ago.  They loved it, brought me to screen test last week, and offered me the job by the next day. Great thing is I am going to get to be part of the writing process too. So I get to use alot of the things I learned at BAH. So thanks :)

When James Bond introduces himself…”Hello, my name is Bond, James Bond” panties fall and missiles fly! When Marki Costello speaks during a Become-A-Host bootcamp the effect is equally dramatic especially for those who want to develop their skills and deliver a polished teleprompter read full of substance and style! Of course no panties actually fall (unfortunately), but I decided to open with such a line because finding my way to the Become-A-Host (BAH) boot camp was a watershed moment for me.
For those who may not know what a watershed moment is: “A critical turning point. What it is actually is a moment in time where everything changes. A point in time when nothing after will ever be the same as before.”


Just wanted to let you know that I made it to the Final 4 on HGTV Design Star and had a guest spot on CBS The Talk. I had to give a 2 min design tip in front of a live studio audience. When I stepped on that stage, everything you taught me in class all began to make sense. I was able to connect with the audience and deliver my tips with ease. After the show, here was a comment by Loren Ruch, HGTV Vice President of Programing, " And Mikel, who had taken hosting classes prior to Design Star, was so polished that he seemed like a regular contributor on the show. " Thanks again Marki!

-Finalist, HGTV's Design Star

I just wanted to write and thank you for your hosting classes.  I took your classes a while back and at the time I found them challenging for me both personally and professionally.  Today as I go on auditions and continue to grow my brand, I hear your voice, tips and training and I have found it all to be incredible helpful and just wanted to send an email to say THANK YOU!!!

Marki is the reason I am exactly where I am as a working Host today. After taking her first bootcamp, I immediately knew she was the real deal. I followed her steps to create my success and never looked back. I owe my flourishing hosting career to Marki’s invaluable teachings! After taking one bootcamp with Marki Costello, I sold my belongings, moved cross-country to LA, lived in my van for a month and jumped headfirst into my career. Marki taught me every single thing I needed to know to become the successful host I am today, just one year later. She truly is the end-all, be-all of television hosting! After just one bootcamp as a scared first-timer to NYC, I knew Marki meant business. I took Marki’s advice to move to LA and create my success. Today, just one year later, I am a full time TV Host and Red Carpet Correspondent. Marki’s tips, teachings and guidance are what got me to this exact moment in my career! When she says ‘work hard’ she means it, and she gives you the vital tools to do it!

Good news! Apparently a lady from Dick Clark Productions came to our last hosting showcase and yesterday Tim got a call from her asking to set a meeting up with me. She said she loved how I hosted live in person and has had my press kit on her desk since Jan and I'm meeting with them thurs at 3;) Tim specifically said when we hung up that this goes to show not only how valuable doing showcases can be but also how valuable good materials are! Sounds familiar right;) excited!

Marki is dabom!!!!!!!!!!!  I know people already know she's great, but when I become a success, I will scream from a mountaintop how AMAZING she truly is.  Tonight's bonus class was awesome - she is an astoundingly great human being who cares about other people enough to give her true, constructive feedback, and those who don't listen and get their feelings hurt are missing out on the feedback of a GENIUS.
Thanks a ton! :-)


I just wanted to tell you guys that your class has made all the difference.  I started with you guys about a year ago and listened to the advice of you and your teachers.  I was not hosting yet, but wanted to.  I also went into a handful of auditions at MTV / Spike / Syfy and other networks and never received a call back.  

Frustrated, I decided to do my own little show the NEWS FROM MY ROOM.  I am a standup comedian, and I have been reading the paper for jokes every day but don't have time to use them all.  So why not just open up my laptop and film myself delivering the jokes to camera in a daily VIDEO BLOG?

Well, you could see from my first video (horrible) to about 8 months later, I had really improved.  My timing was quite a bit better and little did I know, some people in the industry were watching my progress as well.  I started getting called in for commercials and auditions which I began landing!   Then recently I landed a recurring web hosting role for an up-and-coming web site.  In my auditions I am now much more comfortable and get lots of feedback/call backs/ and even find that I'm my attitude has become much more positive.

Therefore; MARKI'S ADVICE WORKS EVERYONE!  Just get out there, put in the effort on YOUR OWN, and little things will start happening.  And if all this happened in one year, I can't wait to see what is to come in the next 12 months! Thank you again Marki and can't wait to see you again soon in class or in an audition.

Just wanted to say you are AMAZING! Genius actually!Your class was beyond inspiring. Have not stopped talking about it. I have been a commercial/music video executive producer for over 10 years. I wish my directors would have taken your classes. My life would of been much easier. That industry needs you! Thanks.

Thank you so much for hosting your free class on Friday. I enjoyed it so much and I am thoroughly looking forward to learning more from you at your July bootcamp. It was so evident how knowledgeable you are in the world of hosting and I am so appreciative that you offered up your small free time for a two hour long free class. Thank you for all you do!

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your training over the past few weeks and the boot camp. I was asked to "host" a Tapis Bleu for about 250 managers at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters in Montreal last week. It was a panel discussion just like we did the first day of boot camp. I remembered it was all about what the audience wants to know. Ask questions that the audience would ask. After the event, I was approached by a few people who said that I did great job and I should have my own show. So, for this reason, I wanted to say THANK YOU!

 Your training is fantastic and the best in the industry. I wish I was going to be around LA all summer and would continue with classes. However, I leave for Boston next week. I'd like to keep in touch and if I ever end up in the LA area in the future, I would greatly like to continue with your classes. I sincerely thank you for your help over the past few weeks.


Thank you SO much for your free informative class last friday. I learned a valuable amount of information that I can apply to my career.  I have been pursuing hosting for a couple years, and never have I acquired as much useful knowledge than I did in the 2 hours of your class.  What I am most thankful for, is that you took time out of your chaotic schedule to come talk to a group of strangers and educate them about hosting.  That is beyond selfless and admirable and I am extremely grateful for that.  Not only were you helpful, but inspiring as well.  I am signed up for your June bootcamp and I cant wait!!  Thank YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


I graduated with a Broadcast Journalism degree from NYU where I learned how to shoot, write and edit stories, but quickly realized I did not know what to do in front of the camera (and no, "reading" the copy is not what you're supposed to be doing!). For the first years of my career I had major issues with inconsistency at auditions, getting rebooked and performing under pressure. I became very frustrated as I had this incredible degree and yet was not able to make a living in front of the camera.

I moved from NYC to LA a year ago. I did the bootcamp within two weeks of landing and took ongoing classes every month, and since then my career has completely changed. Gone are the days of waitress first, aspiring host second. Now I am a working host. Marki taught me all the tricks of the trade, and as someone who needs to be taught, this was incredibly helpful for auditions as well as on pressure filled sets. I am rebooked on every job and have even been booked from people seeing my videos online. Marki is tough and honest. Every week I go into class and think I've learned it all, but she pushes me to be better and better.  Marki is also great at teaching her students how the industry works (something they don't tell you about in J school!) and where the market is moving so we can be ahead.

So, to make a long story short, I have to thank Marki for the best year of my life. I have shot 4 pilots, booked countless gigs, and am now heading back to NYC as the host for SyFy's first initiative into online video. I honestly think I would've been recast after the pilot if it hadn't been for Marki's class, which had happened so many other times before. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

-TV Host • Producer

I was chatting with a couple friends about my journey in the hosting world, and it made me realize how much I learned in just 1 year from your classes. Thanks you so much for getting me into the class this weekend. I don't typically feel inspired to write a testimonial, but the class was really fantastic on all levels. Please tell Marki that I was very impressed with the content and structure of the class. It was fast passed and jam packed with valuable information. And of course, Marki's endless energy is inspiring. 

 Taking your boot camp and on-going advanced class every week for a year, truly gave my hosting career the skills and kick start it needed. It all finally clicked, I found my brand and connected with my audience...the two things I worked so hard on in your classes. Thank you for all your help and constructive criticism. If it wasn't for your classes, I would not be where I am today.

Now, I am the host of Angels Weekly, a 30 minute show on Fox Sports West!! The show airs every Friday night after the Angels games...and each week I give fans a behind the scenes look at their favorite players. 
 I also mentioned taking your classes in a recent article the Easy Reader's Beach Magazine did on me. 
  Thank you again, and I tell any aspiring host I meet, they must take your classes to understand the hosting world! 

Prior to the bootcamp class, I received some info on another workshop and was wondering if the other class was equivalent to the become a host bootcamp.  After taking bootcamp this weekend, I can't imagine a better class. Marki clearly offers an A+ workshop that I would definitely recommend to anybody looking to improve their on camera skills.  Thanks again.


I never knew the importance of branding until I met you and attended Become A Host.  I can finally say that after 17 months of working hard to build Mommyhood to Hollywood into something, that it is no longer just a concept for a brand, but actually has become a brand!  This doesn't mean it's still not evolving or a work in progress because it always is, but it does mean that it has come a very long way.  So here's all the great news to share.

First off, last week I was selected by Yahoo! Shine, which has 29 million visitors a month to be one of their Get-It-Guide Guru experts. This is a new section that they are launching and because of Mommyhood to Hollywood they want me to be a part of it!  I will have the opportunity to cover media assignments for them, as well as do reviews on products for them.  They are also going to do a feature on me and Mommyhood to Hollywood!  I have a huge meeting with their whole marketing team on Thursday, as well as their Editor-In-Chief!

The next set of great news is that I was also asked to be a Spokesperson for a company called for their Do More! Live More! Be More! Campaign.  In addition to this I was approached to be a "Positivity Ambassador" for another organization too (not allowed to say who they are yet).

Also, Mommyhood to Hollywood has been nominated by Parents Magazine as 'Best Overall Mom Blog.'

Mommyhood to Hollywood has received press in The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail,, as well as other outlets too and my Twitter following is rapidly growing as I'm almost at 23,000 followers!

I'm now a regular contributing co-host on the local cable TV show 'Every Way Woman too.'

However, one of the things that I am most excited about is that Mommyhood to Hollywood is no longer going to be just a blog, it will be launching as a full blown online magazine in October!  There will be several pages on it now that will include the following: Celeb Mom Interviews, Parenting, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, Reviews & Giveaways, A-List Life, Not A-List Price and more!  I've already begun to sell several Sponsorships for it on my own too.  Things have been so crazy busy, I barely have time to sleep.  :)

There are some other things brewing too and if they come through, I will be sure to let you know about them.

Thank you so much again Marki.  When I first came to Become A Host I just wanted to be an Entertainment Reporter like a million other people. You and your amazing teachers helped me to hone in on my strengths and
because of that I have been able to find a brand that has helped me to stand out.  It's crazy, I actually have people approaching me instead of me approaching them, who would have ever thought!  So thanks Marki for your amazing program.

The meeting with Lisa Pollack went very well. She is definitely interested in working with me to develop 20 Dates 1 Month into a show. She had some different ideas of how it would be formatted than I originally thought and I love her insight. She also thinks there are some major steps (possibly including a publicist) that we need to take to make sure I am the host of the show instead of a celebrity. We are planning on working on it together over the next few months and much more intensely once the book is published.

-Industry Night Participant

This is wonderful news! I seriously have to give all the Industry Night success to Marki. She brought out my best performance and I without listening to every word of her advice I would have bombed.  Thanks so much for your support! I can't wait to hear more about this. Off to RT!

I took your hosting boot-camp back in April and wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been doing.  Your class really pushed me to take my approach to hosting up a level and work on my marketing materials.  Over the past few months I’ve gotten new hosting headshots, put together my hosting reel (with both real clips from Shop NBC & PBS as well as staged clips showing what I can do - great advice), and put together a press-kit with media clippings, extra pictures, and my bio like the one you showed us in class – I feel a lot more prepared now to start reaching out to hosting agencies and casting directors and wanted to thank you for your direction. 

Also - I was just announced as a “Top 20” finalist out of hundreds of entries across the country in the first ever search for the “Tommy Bahama Rumologist” - a position where you travel the globe for a year / attend PR events for Tommy Bahama as their Rum spokesperson – pretty sweet gig huh?!  I’m really pumped with this opportunity and am already getting some exposure in LA Weekly – here’s the article and my video / hosting entry into the contest:

Phil Thompson in LA Weekly : Click Here

Rumologist Contest Video Entry:

I hope you’ve been doing great and enjoying your summer, thanks again for sharing your time and expertise back at your boot-camp – looking forward to keeping in touch!

All my best,


Hey Marki! I put a panel show together with DeAnna that Talk Media Networks (the company I do my Kardashian show with) picked up for a pilot season with Jonny Loquasto and Michelle Buteau! So fun and hilarious of course, we filmed the first episode yesterday though you might want to see it since we are all becomeahost products!! ;)                                                                           Oh and Rose Recap looks great too they emailed it to me yesterday, so fun!!


Hi Marki, I will be filling in for E! News Now! they've booked me for three different dates. This is a dream come true for me. I wanted to thank you personally, because thru your instruction I was prepared as a host. I wanted to say how much I appreciate you as a teacher & person.
Sincerely, -Erica Bachelor


Marki Costello's bootcamp was literally my very first step into the hosting world and I could not have asked for a better teacher or experience! Marki has always told me that this is a marathon not a sprint and after 14 consecutive months of Marki's advanced ongoing class, 5 amazing Hosting Showcases, the 14-hour Masters Class, and countless Industry Nights...putting myself out there is finally paying off! In the last couple of months I got hired to host a Kardashian After-Show called "Katching Up With the Kardashians," The Bachelor producers put the after-show DeAnna Pappas and I created and host called "Rose Recap" on the official Bachelor website, and I got hired by Jamie Foxx to be one of the hosts on a new radio show coming to his XM radio station Foxxhole. Without the guidance and encouragement from Marki to develop my brand, shoot webisodes, blog etc, I would have never been as prepared and gotten to where I am as quickly as I have. I can not imagine starting out my career in this business any other way! I have also had the most amazing experience shooting all of my reels and webisodes with Cassandra and Kyle and the whole Becomeahost Production staff! I am sure that the amazing quality of their work is no doubt a part of the reason The Bachelor put DeAnna and my web-show "Rose Recap" on their official website!


I couldn't be more excited to say I am signing with my first agent Tim Kessler after Industry night last month! I can't think of enough great things to say about BecomeAHost. I started my hosting career with them & see Marki and the team being apart of it for much longer. From me being completely green, to bootcamp, to classes, to producing my reel, to Industry Night, to signing with my first agent...all BecomeAHost. It really works. Thanks Marki!!!

I took one of Marki's boot camps in August of last year.  All I can say is I wish I would've known about her A LOT sooner because it would've saved me so much time and stress over how I was going to get on the right track in getting my career moving in the right direction.  After working at a couple independent TV stations doing news and weather I needed something different but knew that I wanted to stay in the TV industry.  Her boot camp is exactly what I needed and I loved it so much and learned so much that I signed up for on-going classes without hesitation.  This past December I was fortunate enough to be selected for '14 hours with Marki' and I cannot emphasize enough how much it has helped me!  Not only did she help me figure out my brand (which was a huge struggle for me) but I was able to create a reel that I was confident in AND I was given the opportunity to meet one on one with an agent....who I now work with!  Marki is incredible at what she does and there is no one in the business that does it quite like her.  Watching her in her zone is inspiring and not only gets me motivated but gives me confidence to go out there and put my best foot forward.  If anyone ever asks me where to go when it comes to hosting, its absolutely 100% Marki Costello!!  Thank you for everything Marki and I can't wait to continue learning from you and seeing where my career takes me!


I am very proud to let you know that my webshow that I shot at BAH, the Ultimate Sports Debate, has gone over 120,000 views and 1.2 million channel views on YouTube in the span of a month!  - Thank you and your entire staff so much for all of your help and I look forward to showing off and having a great time at the hosting showcase on the 27th of April!


I am so excited! "Rose Recap" is officially on the official Bachelor website!!! They were apprehensive at first because I'm not affiliated with the franchise but LOVE what we have been doing and are even talking about possibly paying us to do "Rose Recap" next season! Check it out and thanks for everything;)


I just wanted to give a shout to Marki to say thanks for industry night! Billy Kemp called me in to audition for a show on the Cartoon Network as a result. The audition was this morning and it went really well.

I had an amazing meeting yesterday with Dean Valentine, the CEO of a new internet company called Talk Media Networks who wants to pay film weekly reality show recaps!! Ha how excited am I!?? They have an office and studio right around the corner from becomeahost and he emailed me right after the meeting saying how impressed he was with my "passion and initiative" and we're filming a pilot next week;) He is even considering having DeAnna and I do Rose Recap as well! This is definitely a step in the right direction for me and I was so prepared for this position between my blog and webisodes...thanks for the advice, push, and encouragement over the last year. Your bootcamp was literally the first thing I did in the hosting world and between that, never missing a month of ongoing classes or a Showcase etc, I couldn't imagine preparing to enter this world of hosting any other way;);) My Talk Show Writing teacher once said..."If you're lucky enough to find your passion, first you pay to do it, then you do it for free, then you get paid to do it!" Excited to be entering the "paid" part of the passion;)

I just wanted to take a min to thank both of you for really helping in developing my webisodes recently on my trip. Between Cassandra's direction, the awesome editing and Marki's teaching, the show came out absolutely amazing, so amazing that one of the episodes has already landed close to 40,000 views on YouTube already, with the rest of the episodes coming right along.
Here is a link to the episode for you both -


Hey Marki, thanks for the evalutation! I got to interview Sir Elton John Saturday at the Gnomeo & Juliet junket for Disney and it went great thanks to experiencing the boot camp! :) Looking forward to classes and sharing my teen/tween brand with you soon!


After I took your bootcamp and enrolled in your Intermediate hosting classes, within less than a year, I BOOKED my first tv hosting job yesterday!! You're looking at the new host for Mnet America - Where Asian Pop Lives! Mnet
Korea is very big and popular in Korea.. it's like our MTV! So they are bringing it to America with Mnet America! I'll be covering music, fashion and entertainment -- all things that I LOVE!!! I'll be shooting 3x a week for 42 weeks! I'm meeting with producers on Monday to discuss the details of the show. Don't know what channel it will be on yet but I know Viacom and Dreamworks is behind it. I'm just very excited and I had to share it with you! I couldn't have booked the job without the skills and knowledge I learned from the bootcamp and classes! And I did it without a hosting agent too!! Who would have thought that was even possible!! Like I learned from the bootcamp and classes, just be yourself and bring on the energy and enthusiasm! And that's what they loved most about me!!
So thank you Marki!


Thanks to, I got an audition for and booked this year's 1st ever live web telecast of the Red Carpet Arrivals at the Academy Awards for, produced by  Clips are still up at Thanks to that gig, I was hired to cover the live arrivals at the 44th Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville for, and the live film premiere of Burlesque for Sony Pictures.The huge exposure also helped me book my first television special - has been an invaluable resource for me, and I use my hosting profile as my calling card with casting directors and producers!

"Thanks for the idea! The PR Workshop provided by Becomeahost paid off. I took your advice and had my friend tape me for free and we shot The Sassy Suit, The Salahi’s of the Real Housewives of D.C. that I performed at Industry Night. It’s up on YouTube, my blog etc. and hopefully I’ll get some great hits from it."

"I started with literally no experience hosting relying completely on instinct and have come all the way to auditioning for major network game shows, pitching my own ideas, and now represented by a major agency looking to take me and my brand to the heights of success. Thanks Become A Host!."


"I've attended other hosting seminars out there and 'Become A Host' is by far the best hosting program I've been a part of. It has great teachers from the industry, awesome connections, and excellent opportunities to get you in front of the right people. Since I've started 'Become A Host' I have begun co-hosting on a local talk show and will be co-hosting one episode of 'Mommy to Mommy TV,' a webisode series sponsored by Sony! I'll be shooting on the Sony lot in 2 weeks! Pretty cool for this stay at home mom!."


"Marki, I had my first hosting job with Halogen TV and was so glad that I had taken your class!  I interviewed Forrest Whitaker, Jason Mraz, Camilla Belle, etc. and felt totally at ease remembering to be 'authentic', really listen to what they were saying instead of worrying about my next question, and be aware of who my audience was!  All of those things I learned in your class and it was priceless preparation for my first job.  I also had to co-host several stand-ups and knew exactly what to do since we had practiced that in class so many times! The client was really happy.  Thanks again!."

Hosting Bootcamp on Saturday was 100% the MOST valuable and informative class I have ever taken!  Marki, you are AMAZING!  My good friend Jess Zaino recommended you to me, and I couldn't be more grateful.  I learned more about the craft of hosting, and also myself, than I thought possible.  Although I know it won't be an easy road, my head is spinning with new ideas about my own brand and a future in the world of hosting. I'm planning on making a trip out to LA in the spring to take more classes and perfect my reel. Thank you SO much for this invaluable opportunity!

"I recently booked the job as the main host for an infomercial Acne Free. I was a lead host with 2 co-hosts. I behaved professionally during the shoot, incomparison to the others (who clearly hadn't taken Marki's class). Afterwards, I received an email from the producer after the shoot and here is a direct quote: Just a quick note to tell you that you were absolutely FABULOUS on the AcneFree shoot.... We're starting to edit the show now, and you really make it SING! Thank you!"

"Back in 2008, I demanded my co-host and co-executive producer, Phil LeVota, to take your Hosting Bootcamp. I had taken the bootcamp (and branding intensive classes) previously and knew it was a MUST for us before filming. After the bootcamp, we filmed our pilot and pitched our show to FOX in Kansas City and THEY PICKED US UP!  We are NOW pleased to annouce we just won a 2010 Mid-America Emmy Award for our show, The Power of KC"! It's the highest honor in our region (well, in television!) and I owe it all to you. I also won a 2009 Mid-America Emmy Award for executive producing the HIT web series, The Unreal Housewives of KC.  Local TV critics published my wins as a 'rare happening' for a non-journalist like me to win back-to-back Emmys. I say they just haven't met Marki yet! Your classes and perspective help educate motivated people like me to get out there and create our own destiny. I would have never realized the impact I could make without thinking I needed 'the man' to get me there. Who needs the man when I AM the wo-'man'?!! Much love you and yours! And again, thank you for all you do."

"Marki, doing the privates with Matt Gallant have been awesome and I plan to continue even after my reel is complete. I feel just after the first two I'm already 50% more confident. I think that is what I've been missing. I can't wait to do my reel now instead of dreading it.  I wish I would have done this months ago! Thank you for choosing him for me!"

"I love Marki Costello and actively use After taking classes from Marki, I currently host Desperate Debate on!"

"Become a Host changed my life! And I know that is a huge statement, but I mean it wholeheartedly. After hosting at the young age of 10, I took a long break before deciding that it was time to get back in the business. I did so, by picking up the phone, calling Become a Host and taking Marki's weekend boot camp. Immediately attracted to her advice and lessons, I knew that if I was lucky enough to place into one of her classes, I would embrace the opportunity. Fortunately, I did, because I learned from the very BEST in this business. While taking class, Become a Host produced my first reel. Cassandra and the whole gang nailed it! Needless to say, step by step, I honed in on the craft. I then did the Hosting Showcase which catapulted my career! I now work for Fuel TV and G4 TV!! Marki's school really works! I would never be where I am today with out Marki Costello and Become a Host! Here is a big THANK YOU to the whole gang!!! XO!"

"I took Marki's Bootcamp and on-going classes and landed Science of The Movies! Now I produce and host my own show called Fanboy Funhouse and am about to launch a new show with MTV!"

"I look forward to continue working with Marki and team... I attended the hosting bootcamp a few months ago... and in addition to doing more TV promos/interviews with The CW (DC50) as their "Dating Diva", I was just called to audition this Monday as a dating expert for a new dating makeover TV series. Marki was right.. I do have a killer brand, and continuing to work with you will help my dream of becoming a dating/relationship TV Host a reality!  THANKS SO MUCH!  I have so much more confidence in my abilities having attended the bootcamp!"

"Marki, I hope all is well with you.  I wanted to say thanks so much for everything you've done for me.  I hope to return to classes soon. I wanted to show you the web series that I booked because of you!"

"I just signed a long term development and hosting deal with DIY/HGTV and will be shooting my first show Extra Yardage as host for DIY at the end of this month. Thanks to Marki for her help, harsh honesty and a great bootcamp program."

“Marki Costello’s BecomeAHost Bootcamp put me on the fast track to my Hosting career. Not only does she teach you the general Do’s & Don’ts but she delves in to personal branding and how to stand out in an industry full of teleprompter savvy failed Hollywood actors.”

“Marki Costello’s blatant honesty is humbling and genius. She knocks you off your pedestal immediately and puts you in the right frame of mind to sincerely connect with your audience and Become A KICK ASS Host!”

“BECOMEAHOST weekend is like an adulthood Summer Camp experience. Getting to spend time with and learn from people with similar passions and interests. Marki Costello is the ultimate Camp Counselor too as she doesn’t put up with any Bull Shit.”

“Marki taught me that there are 50,000 other people out there that want to do what I want to do and then immediately helped me to determine what would make me stand out at a general and at an audition.”

“I have been struggling in Los Angeles for years. It wasn’t until I attended BecomeAHost and the Academy that I was put in front of some of Hollywood’s Hosting elite. From celebrities like Jason Kennedy and Giuliana Rancic to Executives and Casting Directors from MTV, Style, E!, even the Discovery Channel! This has been the first time in a long time that I have felt like my career is on the right path.”

“I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air Marki Costello is. Although considered a tough cookie, all of her feedback is sincere and comes from years of being a significant figure in the Hosting… and frankly, The Entertainment World. BECOMEAHOST Bootcamp is an experience that you can not pass up if you want to be taken seriously in this arena.”

“Marki’s ‘Take No Prisoners’ approach is intimidating as much as it is an adrenaline rush. Her Bootcamp, BecomeAHost, is such an emotional experience. You leave feeling pumped for your career and ready to take on the world!”

"I flew out from Denver, Colorado to attend the Hosting Bootcamp in May 2009, it was the last class Marki conducted before going on leave. It was a big class and over those 2 days I learned SO  MUCH about hosting and the concept of branding. Shortly after the bootcamp, I flew back to LA to get my demo reel done. Both Kyle and Cassandra were great to work with and they did a fantastic job on my reel which shows my brand which again  "branding" is what Marki drove home that weekend. Post demo reel, I became a subscriber of the "becomeahost website" and I recently flew back to LA May 2010 for a private session with Matt Gallant.
Well, I must confess that the demo that I got done by the becomeahost staff back in June 2009,  helped me to book my first professional hosting gig. In December 2009, I was selected to host the Kingdomwood Film Festival Showcase which aired on national television, the ColoursTV Cable Network in May 2010. Not only did I get to host the festival, I also had an opportunity to write the scripts for each of the movie reviews. It was a blast. I am hoping that this opportunity will open doors for other opportunities down the road. I would love to host a program on the tennis channel. I am a huge fan of the network and love playing the game of tennis. Thanks Marki for your honesty and for conducting such a great program. When I move to LA, I hope to attend more of your classes so I can fine tune the craft of hosting."

"Marki Costello is someone you HAVE to meet if you want to become a host. Last year, I was curious about hosting and found her website.  I decided to take the Hosting Bootcamp. At first, her teaching style may be a bit shocking, but after you get used to it, you keep coming back for more. Then I took her weekly classes, and participated in the hosting showcase. She holds your hand through the process and tells you exactly what you need to do.  She is blunt, and will not hold back.  As she puts it,"If you can't handle me, you will never make it in this industry!" and as always, SHE IS RIGHT!  You have to do the work and want it. I am now appearing on various shows as The Hollywood Diet expert!  I just got back from Philly doing a talk show segment, and now other shows are contacting me. I have used everything Marki taught me to get to this point. There is no one like her, and she is truly the Queen of Hosting!  Becomeahost classes are the best investment I have made in my hosting career.  Thanks Marki, I will make you proud!"