Hey beautiful talent,

Marki will be coming to a city near you in early 2022!

Exact dates and locations will be announced in the coming months, but classes in Atlanta, Chicago New York City are confirmed. These classes will
fill up fast so email us at info@cmeg.com with your name and which location you should want to attend.

Media is moving faster than it ever has before. Platforms and content distribution channels come and go. Those changes are now both blatant and
constant and if you don't change with them you won't make it to the next level in your career.
Nowadays, everyone is in front of some sort of camera whether you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher musician, comedian, cook,
or...dare I say...'influencer'. 
Now more than ever buyers want talent that knows how to curate branded content, key word branded content.


Posting videos of you on yourHawaii vacation and calling yourself a travel host isn't going to cut it in 2021.
If you build it literally buyers will come and when I say buyers I mean agents, managers, producers, casting directors, streaming services, etc. But
once you build it you then need to know how to navigate through the elements of being a great on camera personality. There are fundamentals to
hosting that don't change whether you are working in front of a teleprompter or an iPhone. You must possess these core strengths because these
'muscles' will absolutely be necessary if you are serious about your goals.

There's no shortage of unemployed talent that are convinced that because they once hosted a show that they now have the qualifications to teach
others. Buyers beware! Unless you've hosted 20 different shows and dealt with buyers day in and day out it doesn't qualify you to know what's
trending with content buyers today and what those magical elements are you need to succeed.
I am teaching intimate, in-person Covid guideline compliant classes, at my West L.A. studio as well as one on ones and weekly Zoom classes. One
size does not fit all anymore so e-mail me at info@cmeg.com and let's get your career on track to succeed!

-Marki Costello