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#1 Media Coach in the World!

 Marki Costello 

All roads to hosting lead to her in some way.  Marki has 32 years in the business and 24 years of owning her host management company CMEG and her hosting school, Becomeahost. She has managed, guided, casted and coached more than 300 on camera talent to success. Marki has been featured in LA Times Magazine,  Variety, and Hollywood Reporter. She has been featured on the Today Show, Howard Stern and countless other programs.  Marki was the star of her own show on E!, Drama Queen. 

Marki is the go to girl when it comes to unscripted!

This  is new landscape where everyone calls themself a coach; go to the one who coached the coaches.

Marki is the…

#1 Media coach in the world, yes, the world.  Marki has coached more on air talent than anyone in the business historically and currently.  Don’t be fooled by the imitators, go with the originator.  Marki Costello is the go-to coaching Guru for NBC, ABC, FOX, Warner Bros, QUIBI, and E!.

Marki provides the elements a talent needs to balance while in front of the camera, especially in this new landscape.



" What an incredible experience it was to work with Marki Costello. She is so full of insight and knowledge, and she was able to impart her wealth of information in a very short amount of time. I recommend the BAH programs to absolutely anybody if hosting is outside of their comfort zone. "  


Cee-Lo Green  Singer/songwriter


" Marki provides a service that nobody else does.  Her workshop and classes are invaluable to someone who wants to enter the host arena."


Billy Kemp, Casting and Talent Exec


"If it wasn't for Marki Costello, I wouldn't be on television."


Jason Kennedy, E! News and The Today Show

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