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Hosting Bootcamp
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"Thank you so much for this opportunity! It was so inspiring, motivating and educational." - Raquel "rocky" Harris

This 1-day Bootcamp is for anyone who has wanted to take Marki’s 2-day Bootcamp but can't afford it. 



Because we are in a whole new landscape...and you can't afford to not get all the new info!

But don't take it from us! Read what the talent Marki coached at the April 2018 NBC showcase had to say:

"The workshop was extremely helpful and really allowed me to take a focused look at how to advance my career and finally figure out my brand...I just truly didn’t know how to pin it down and figure it out." -Winston Marshall

"I literally learned more in these past 3 days than I did in my 4 years of college." -Guinwa Zeineddine

With that being said, if you are not working today as an on-camera personality, you are doing something wrong! 


There are now more opportunities than ever before for you to succeed in network, digital and social media! 

There is an old model/style and a new model/style of on-camera personalities that buyers want to buy now. 

After 20 years and hundreds of successful alumni that Marki has coached, managed, and guided to success, Marki is now handpicking who she wants to teach across the board from Bootcamp, to on-going classes, and now the 1-day Bootcamp. 


Learning the new elements is no longer an option; it’s a necessity if you want to thrive in this business! 

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Hosting Lecture

2 Hours

If you're new to become a host, let us give you a warm welcome with this host lecture.

In this two-hour workshop.


Marki will cover:


  • All the new changes going on in this landscape, where now everyone is talent


  • How to stand out and discover why someone will watch and connect & relate to you based on your brand and platform


  • How to build your digital visual network


  • Make sure you are working from the new model


  • Determine what you need to succeed in 2020


Find out what it takes to be successful from the queen of hosting.

is a 2-hour host lecture with Marki Costello. 


Marki is so dedicated to, and passionate about providing talent with the right information, especially in this ever-changing business. The lecture is held at our become a host studio in Los Angeles, California.

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Hosting Ongoing
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You're on a roll. Why stop now?

Once you've taken the Hosting Bootcamp, you may then become eligible for ongoing hosting classes.

You'll practice and refine your skills. Read and write copy, co-host, work on teleprompter and so much more. 


You'll also gain valuable industry insight, as well as the "tricks" of the trade from your expert instructors.

Our expert instructors range from successful, working TV hosts to industry leaders, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our classroom.

Our Expert Instructors Range From Successful, Working TV Hosts To Industry Leaders, Bringing A Wealth Of Knowledge To Our Classroom.

Hosting Private
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You Are An Incredible Coach, Marki! You Gave Me Such Confidence. I Can’t Tell You How Much I Appreciate It.” - Karli Kloss

This is your opportunity to meet one on one with Marki and make you plan come to life.  Come prepared to create your brand, define your audience, and get all you need to leap into your career.  

Don't go into 2020 getting ready, be ready after your one on one private coaching with Marki.  She will help make your brand come to life.


Marki's next 1-day bootcamp will take place on Saturday, September 18th at the Becomeahost studios in West Los Angeles (11am-5pm). Limited space due to the pandemic, to reserve a spot email us at